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Home of PiCoGuide, the TV style EPG front end for XMLTV formatted data.

PiCoGuide Main Screen

July 13, 2005

PicoGuide 1.60 Beta is available.  I would  like to apologize to everyone that has emailed me regarding PiCoGuide and did not receive a response.

April 11, 2003

PicoGuide 1.56 Beta is available. I would like to thank everyone who has made a donation, as well as everyone that has posted a comment, question or suggestion in the message boards.

PiCoGuide is a tv readable Electronic Program Guide. It makes use of xmltv data and the TitanTV helper app for changing channels and recording. It was designed to work with Showshifer, however, it should work with any TitanTV supported app. It is designed to work with the 4 arrow keys and the enter key. There is no mouse functionality.

This product is freeware, however, if you use this program and would like to support its further development, then please make a PayPal Donation.